Apr 28, 2022

Visible Improvements Continue in Midtown

The Midtown Improvement District and City of Dallas have been working diligently to enhance and improve the infrastructure in Midtown.  Here are some highlights as an update:

Holly Hill Sidewalks Improved in Midtown Improvement District Complete Street Program

Wide sidewalks to support pedestrian traffic on Holly Hill have been installed along the long blocks from the SoPac Trail to Pineland.  This project is a result of the Midtown Improvement District’s advocacy for Complete Streets in the District.  Through our championing the effort, we were able to secure the City of Dallas’ commitment to establish these wonderful pathways for our residents and community.

Pineland Tree Pruning and Brush Clearing

On Pineland between Park and Fair Oak, Midtown Improvement District facilitated clearing of brush and tree trimming for improved safety along the exterior perimeter of the SoPac Trail.    

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