Apr 25, 2024

Research-Based Planning to Benefit All

Guiding Infrastructure Growth to Serve Every Neighborhood

As the population continues to grow in Dallas, the Midtown Improvement District is taking leadership in ensuring that the 1,000-plus acres encompassing beloved neighborhoods of Dallas have a strong infrastructure for the future for everyone.

The leading and innovative programs currently underway at the Midtown Improvement District are focused on the future connectivity of multi-modal transportation alternatives within the District and the economic and fiscal impact of appropriate Land Use Planning for future redevelopment within the District. To better identify, quantify, qualify, and prioritize its initiatives in this regard for the next several decades, Midtown Dallas, Inc. has directly sponsored the below collaborative studies. Midtown Dallas, Inc. purposefully chose a collaborative approach to the study inputs by empaneling each study with Dallas City Council, appropriate City of Dallas departments, TIF Board representative, industry professionals and select representative Property Owners from the District.

MID Strategic Mobility Study

Working with nationally highly acclaimed Kimley Horn firm and the City of Dallas, the District conducted an extensive community survey and analysis of the current transportation assets and resident and business needs and interests. This study and internal input serve as a foundation for the Midtown Improvement District Incremental Infrastructure Implementation Plan (MID3IP), a living strategic plan that will guide capital improvement projects in Midtown for decades to come. This plan will ensure that the District’s transportation and mobility infrastructure will serve a growing community and endure through time.

The District’s complete street model design is guiding how it approaches the improvement of the area to support pedestrian culture, providing everyone with wider, safer sidewalks and bike paths to access the District’s unique amenity of The SoPac Trail.  The latest report is available here.

MID Economic and Fiscal Impact Study

Midtown Improvement District has been an advocate for strong business growth with $1 Billion investment since 2006.  One-third of the existing housing stock is currently being renovated. 1,200-plus housing units were added to the marketplace in 2023 in the District .

An Economic & Fiscal Impact Study has been completed to assess the long-term prospects of the area on behalf of property owners, City of Dallas, residents and businesses of Midtown.  In order to help clarify the long-term potential of the Midtown Improvement District and justify Public Investment in the area, the District hired a nationally renowned third-party consultant, RCLCO, to complete an Economic and Fiscal Impact Study for the District. For oversight of the process, Midtown created an Advisory Panel which included City of Dallas Officials, City Council, MID Board Members and Industry Professionals. The preliminary results of the study were introduced to the Advisory Panel in May and were reported to property owners and City of Dallas in October 2023 and are available in the following presentation here.

MID and its Board of Trustees believe that the results of this study, coupled with the proposed projects of the MID3IP will assuredly be the driving influence in the future health and sustainability of the District.

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