Jan 16, 2021

Thank You, Dallas Police Department Northeast Patrol Division

We are so grateful to Dallas Police Department - Northeast Division and for the leadership of Major Terrence Rhodes Northeast Division Commander and Deputy Chief Bill Griffith and all officers for their 24/7 work helping keep Vickery Midtown safe by fighting and preventing crime. Ted Palles, Vickery Midtown President of the Board and Heartland Security's James Roberts joined by Dallas City Councilmember Jennifer Staubach Gates recently presented special Midtown Blues coffee mugs and coffee gifts for each of the 300-plus patrol officers in the division as a token of our appreciation. Through our Midtown Blues program Vickery Midtown private security from Heartland teams up with Dallas Police day and night to supplement and support security in our district. Vickery Midtown invests $225,000 annually in private security services each year and this teamwork with Dallas Police Department has resulted in an overall reduction of per capita crime in Vickery Midtown. Click here to see the reports on per capita and crime reduction.

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