Oct 18, 2020

Planning for a Strong Future for all in Vickery Midtown

City of Dallas Initiates Zoning Effort with Full Community Engagement and Input
Dallas City Councilmember Jennifer Gates hosted an informative and engaging meeting on August 13 for the community on the proposed re-zoning for Vickery Midtown to provide for increased safety and balanced, accessible quality of life improvements for ALL residents - with input from ALL residents.
The Community Meeting was hosted virtually and was an opportunity for residents and all Vickery community members to share insights and ideas about how they would like to see Vickery Midtown improve. The August 13 Community Meeting was the first step in a multi-step process that includes the creation and work of a Steering Committee, an additional community meeting, a City Planning Commission Hearing, and a City Council Public Hearing. The new plan is anticipated to be completely approved as the community participates in the process in 2021.
Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District is a leading advocate and participant in the process to ensure that the re-zoning provides for improvements for ALL members of our community. We are advocates for balance and respect for all current residents and stakeholders in Vickery.
To see the materials from the August 13 meeting that details the components for the City of Dallas program, click here.
We look forward to keeping everyone updated on this exciting and vital work we are doing together as a united community.

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