Oct 18, 2020

Our Vibrant Vickery Midtown

2020 - 2021 PRIORITIES FOR WIDE PROGRESS IN YOUR DISTRICT   Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District's core mission is to promote a safe, appealing neighborhood for youth, families, businesses and property owners of Vickery Midtown Community. Our comprehensive work advocates progress that encompasses the needs and goals for all residents from all walks of life.

Proposed street improvements in Vickery Midtown.

  Among our priority project and goals to further progress for all for 2020 and 2021 are:   Re-zoning for the District: More comprehensive and unified regulations are being developed to better address walkability, access to open space and other amenities, as well as traffic and safety issues to improve the overall quality of life in the district. Also, re-zoning will help regulate businesses growth to foster healthy business and prosperity for business categories that are less vulnerable to crime and/or magnets for crime. Our work with City of Dallas on re-zoning will initiate in August.   Addressing Homeless and Day Laborer Activities: We are developing for implementation creative solutions to address homeless and day laborer activities in the district, coordinating with The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, the City of Dallas, and the new Community Courts complex at the retired Fire Station.   Continued Focus on Five Points Crime Prevention: Our programs with our private security support and work with Dallas Police Department will concentrate on improving the safety of Five Points and the Park Lane Corridor by addressing fast-moving commercial vehicles.   Capital Investment: Financial investment from City of Dallas and Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District include the following priorities for neighborhood improvements: · Better Sidewalks and Bike Paths: We are working with City of Dallas for the completion of the Ridgecrest Petition and Holly Hill/Phoenix streetscape improvement projects to add more sidewalks and bike paths to improve access to the SoPac Trail. · Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District is contributing financial support to Dallas ISD for the widening of sidewalks to improve pedestrian access to the new Jill Stone Elementary School campus under construction at Eastridge and Park. · We are coordinating with the City of Dallas, North Central Texas Council of Governments and Dallas County to invest in road improvements to the Five Points area and Park Lane Corridor to address pedestrian and vehicle safety, improve access and connectivity for the district, and create much-needed permanent public space. · Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District is also working with the Park and Recreation Department at City of Dallas to improve visibility and access to the SoPac Trail along Pineland for safety of all who use the trail as a key path for transportation and recreation.   To access information from City of Dallas on these bond projects, visit this link.   We look forward to providing more updates to the community on these initiatives and more to advance the District. We also invite you to share your ideas with us at community@vickerydallas.com. Please share your thoughts!

Better sidewalks and bike lanes on Ridgecrest Road and Phoenix and Holly Hill and connection with the SoPac Trail are ahead for Vickery Midtown with two bond projects.
Proposed bike trails for Vickery Midtown to add a great improvement to the District's quality of life and vibrancy.


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