Dec 22, 2021

Midtown Improvement District Unites Four Vibrant Boroughs of Dallas


District Serves Distinctive and Dynamic Neighborhoods of Vickery Midtown, Midtown Park, The Shops at Park Lane and Upper Greenville  

Vickery Midtown Improvement District has a new name:  Midtown Improvement District.

The new name for the District is a change that allows for each of the distinctive and dynamic neighborhoods or boroughs East of Central Expressway in Dallas be defined more clearly for the District's services to property owners, business and to the community of residents.

Conveniently and centrally located in Midtown Dallas, The Midtown Improvement District represents more than 600 acres encompassing The Shops at Park Lane, Midtown Park, Midtown Improvement District and commercial Upper Greenville boroughs just east of North Central Expressway from Royal Lane to the north, Abrams to the east and Northwest Highway to the south. Major continual improvements are underway that are the result of a public/private partnership and collaborative working together to efficiently connect the District’s private property owners’ resources with public funding from City of Dallas and other public entities.

Since its founding in 1993, the property owners in the Midtown Improvement District have worked continually to bring a better quality of life, community and infrastructure improvements to its residents and businesses. From strategic investment and support in infrastructure improvements, to advocacy with the City of Dallas and other public entities for funding and collaborative public investment, our Board of Trustees and staff work on behalf of property owners, businesses and residents to make the Midtown District the best.

We are inspired and energized by the work that we are doing for property owners, business and residents and look forward to keeping you updated on all of our programs, services and results from the Board of Trustees and staff of Midtown Improvement District.  



Midtown Improvement District is currently seeking signatures from property owners on a petition of support for our work on behalf of the property owners, businesses and residents of the Midtown Improvement District.   If you a property owner and would like to sign a petition of support, you submit it online or download the form here. Complete, Print, Sign and Mail the form to: Midtown Improvement District, 10260 North Central Expressway, Suite 272, Dallas, TX 75231. Email any questions to



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