Aug 4, 2022

Midtown Improvement District Renews with Dallas City Council Approval for 2023

Through a community wide outreach connecting with property owners across 700 acres encompassing the Midtown Park, Upper Greenville, Midtown Medical District, Shops at Park Lane and Vickery Midtown, Midtown Improvement District achieved its renewal goals as a public improvement district for the next 10 years.  Working closely with the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development in the renewal program that launched in late 2021 and was completed in May 2022, signatures on petitions and financial support from property owners across the District were received, generating funding for the work of the Midtown Improvement District to provide better quality of life, community and infrastructure improvements to the residents and businesses of the District.

The renewal of the Midtown Improvement District through 2033 was approved by the Dallas City Council at its meeting on June 8, 2022.

The new boundaries of the district are now encompassing the specific areas of Midtown Park to the north with new and growing residential properties, Midtown Medical District with the major presence of Texas Health Dallas, The Shops at Park Lane premier retail and residential neighborhood, Vickery Midtown in the center of the district with vast residential properties, and Upper Greenville with many businesses that are mainstays of Dallas.

The work of the District will progress for the next decade, strategic investment and support in infrastructure improvements and advocacy with the City of Dallas and other public entities for funding and collaborative public investment will be guided by research and studies in the realms of transportation and economic development. The pillars of public safety, code compliance, complete streets and beautification will continue in strength to meet the needs of the District.  Community programs including Resilience with The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center will aid in the challenges of the growing number of individuals experiencing homelessness in the District.  

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