Jul 24, 2023

Midtown Improvement District Public Safety Committee, City of Dallas and The Bridge Continue Work on Homelessness Solutions

The Midtown Improvement District is continuing to work on the top priority public safety and community initiative in Midtown Improvement District of homelessness and solutions to mitigate the escalating problem in our community. The strategic working alliance with The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center providing expert counseling staff to advise on a regular basis and help aid in enrolling struggling individuals experiencing homelessness with their programs, combined with humane and continual work with City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions, Dallas Police Department and Midtown Blues security team is producing results.

Each time an area of concern develops, we work together with an expert team to address and resolve the matter.

Additionally, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center has enlisted several individuals in their programs to transition to a path with systems and treatment for a more stable life ahead. This is a result of expert and patient, diligent counseling in the field to facilitate enrollment and results of progress.

We ae so grateful for our Public Safety alliance with City of Dallas, Office of Homeless Solutions and The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center that is a 2023 growth phase in our strategic Resilience program in Midtown Improvement District.

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