May 23, 2023

Midtown 311 and Streetlight Outage Reports Help Midtown Boroughs

We encourage everyone to continue to report their concerns on any code compliance issues on our Midtown 311, our program that allows residents and businesses to submit requests to City of Dallas to assist on areas of improvement. Our Midtown Code Red 311 works continually on resolving code compliance issues and engaging with the community where residents and business can inform us of their concerns about properties in their neighborhoods to help take action for resolution. Please keep the Midtown 311 link accessible to share your updates with us at this link.

We've also added a special feature for everyone to report Streetlight Outages in Midtown. Letting Midtown Improvement District know about these outages in your area allows us to assist with contacting ONCOR or repairing and resolving issues on lights owned and operated by Midtown Improvement District. Share anything you see at this link.

Take a look and thank you for letting us know what you see in your neighborhood that needs to be addressed!

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