Jul 24, 2023

Half-Price Books

The smart, thoughtful and caring culture of the beloved Half Price Books is based in the Vickery borough of Midtown, and we are so fortunate to have this gem of a retailer in our District.

As HPB tells, in 1972, corporate dropout Ken Gjemre and fellow bibliophile Pat Anderson opened a used-book shop in an old laundromat in Dallas, Texas. They ran ads in the local paper, declaring “We Buy Books,” and soon found themselves with a few thousand books and hordes of customers. “You could stir them with a stick,” Ken said.

And now? With more than 120 stores across the country, plus a website with customers and sellers around the globe, Half-Price Books has become America’s largest family-owned retailer for new and used books.

Their amazing location in Midtown Improvement District on Northwest Highway between Shady Brook and Twin Hills is the flagship store that is a center of comfort, education and community connection with authors.

We are also grateful to the company for investing as an owner in Midtown with their new office building on Shady Brook.

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