Nov 3, 2021

New Leadership at Midtown Improvement District







Kristina Benson has been appointed the new Executive Director of Midtown Improvement District . Kristina's role is full-time. Kristina Benson is a commercial real estate professional whose previous experience includes real estate strategic planning, investment fundamentals, developing energy efficiency solutions, and large-scale master planning. Kristina believes that creating engaging urban spaces starts with identifying the community’s values and strengths then working with strategic partners to develop achievable plans. Kristina works to increase resiliency in communities and cites, so residents, businesses and property owners have the functioning capacity to withstand social, economic, and environmental shocks and stresses.  Her key interests are in transit-oriented development, smart growth strategies, housing affordability, low impact development, and eco-districts.

Mitch Gatson is the new Public Safety Coordinator for Midtown Improvement District, guiding the Midtown Blues team. Mitch has more than three decades of experience as a career officer with Dallas Police Department and with DPD Northeast Patrol.

Please join us in welcoming Kristina and Mitch to their new leadership roles. Watch for updates from the team ongoing!





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