Continually updated for the Midtown Park, The Shops at Park Lane, Upper Greenville, Midtown Medical District, and Vickery Midtown.

The Midtown Improvement District works closely with Dallas Police Department and DPD Northeast Patrol and each week to obtain the latest information on crime incidents in our District. Understanding the specifics helps us be a stronger community together.

We have created a new, multi-level platform that now allows you to access the crime stats for your specific property and location in Midtown Improvement District. This information and data are used each week to study and track and address crime by our Midtown Blues and DPD collaborative teams to combat crime.


The Portal has three panes: Crime Map, Crime Detail, and Crime Trend.

The Crime Map pane shows where crimes are happening in Midtown. You can adjust the window of time that is displayed on the Map as well as filter the results by Borough and Offense Type.

The Crime Detail pane is a plain list of crimes that have happened in the District, similar to what we have been sending out in our weekly Crime Stats email. The list can be filtered by date, as well as borough and crime location.

The Crime Trend pane allows us to track crime over time, split up into violent and nonviolent trendlines. This information can also be filtered by time and borough.

We are continually improving our systems. Please send us your feedback at publicsafety@midtowndallasinc.com

Most importantly: PLEASE REPORT ALL CRIME TO THE DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT. We receive crime information directly from DPD. If we do not